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How to chose a college ??

    1. Do your research. Don't just choose a school primarily because someone said it was a good school. Generally research every school you wish to attend. Research in general to find different schools to apply to. You can look online or use guidebooks, published by a number of foundations, talking about the relative merits of different schools. Remember to take everything with a grain of salt, however. Many of the rankings lists, for example, require schools to pay a fee to even appear on the list.

    2. Look at lots of schools. Don’t just look at one or two schools. Look at several in-state, out of state, and maybe even a few international schools. It is important to have lots of options and to know what is available to you. Applying to only one or two schools isn’t a very good idea, as it can be difficult to get into many schools and you may not be accepted.

    3. Consider the location. Consider where you would like to go to school. This is a place you will be living for anywhere from 2 to 10 years! It is important to choose a location which you will be happy with. This may be a big city, or a small college town. It might be close to where you grew up or it might be in another country.

    4. Find out about facilities and available resources. You will want to decide what kind of facilities and resources are important to you. Some schools provide health plans, different schools have different meal options, different housing options will be available, some schools will have gyms, some might have hospitals, special library facilities, theaters, or any number of other facilities.

    5. Meet with instructors. With the programs you consider, talk to the head of the depart which you plan on studying with. They might connect you with other professors who can tell you more about the program. This will allow you to see if these seem like people you would enjoy learning from. It will also help you get a better view of the kinds of things you will be studying. You can ask for a course catalog or you may even be able to request to sit in on a class, if the school is nearby or you will be visiting during the correct time of year.

    6. Consult with trusted individuals. Talk about your options with friends, family and high school or college career counselors. Take the word of particular college employees with a grain of salt. The admissions office is their sales office. Get the advice of multiple people and try to get advice from those who do not have a bias.

    7. Be realistic. Understand that some schools are extremely difficult to get into and, though it may be your dream to attend, you might not be able to get in. You can have excellent grades, a wonderful essay, and a list of recommendations a mile long: sometimes it just cannot be. Don’t panic. Your life isn’t over. You can always apply to less competitive schools and transfer to more prestigious programs after a year or two.

    8. Apply to more than one institute. Most experts recommend 4, at least one being in-state. This way, you can have more options to choose from if something happens (ex: not getting enough aid, getting rejected or wait listed, changing your mind, etc)